Koru–Multi-Disciplinary Team will complete the Parent Capacity and Capability Assessment (PCCA) that may involve all or some of the following:


Referrer, Client and Care Giver Interviews

History of the client and family is gathered by Koru’s Social Worker and discussed with referrer. Previous assessments and existing data will be collected and included into the background.


Cognitive Assessment

A full cognitive or basic Intellectual Scales assessment with parent/ caregiver


Parent Interview

The interview is based on the framework of essential concepts of child development and attachment formation (cited from McMahon, 2011). It was designed to explore the following constructs:

·    expectations of children

·    empathy towards children,

·    use of corporal punishment as a means of discipline,

·    parent-child role responsibilities, and

·     children’s power and independence.

The interview involves determining the parent’s ability to provide basic care, demonstrate appropriate expectations of children, the ability to identify and put a child’s needs first, the ability to provide routines and consistency, and the ability to acknowledge problems and engage with support services (Conley, 2003). This includes exploring the challenges around raising a child when the parent has a mental illness, struggles with addiction, has a disability, and/or supporting children with special needs.


Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2)

The Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2) is developed from known parenting and child rearing practices of abusive and neglecting parents. The data generated from the administration of the AAPI-2 indicates degrees of maladaptive behaviour (Bavolek & Keene, 2010). The interview also includes a self-reflection questionnaire.


Adaptive Behaviour Assessment

The ABAS-3 provides a complete assessment of adaptive skills across the life span completed as a self-rating option for adults.



A summary of findings is prepared along with any recommendations for follow up support and treatment.


Feedback Session

Findings are presented and discussed during a one-hour feedback session for the referrer and client.


Final Report

The final report will be provided in a timely manner.


Results of the PCCA should be evaluated in context of the referral question and should be interpreted in conjunction with other sources of information.

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